Human Gait: Weight Acceptance

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- Discussion:
    - at initiation of double limb stance, heel contacts ground, & ankle rapidly plantar-flexes as tibialis anterior eccentrically contracts;
    - at moment of heel strike, during the first interval of stance phase, anterior tibial & extensor muscles of toes are functioning maximally to prevent
             foot slap and decelerating the foot towards flat;
    - as wt bearing acceptance proceeds, the internal rotation of tibia causes subtalar & mid tarsal joint eversion;
    - calcaneocuboid joint is locked by the pronated position;
    - forefoot supinatory twist converts foot to rigid construct;
    - while this is occurring, the forefoot contacts the ground along the lateral border of the foot;
    - fifth metatarsal head contact is followed either by medial contact to the first metatarsal head followed by second and third heads

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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