- See:
      - Blood Supply to the Wrist

- Exam of Capitate:
      - palpable immediately proximal to the base of the 3rd metacarpal;
      - w/ wrist is in neutral position, one may palpate a small depression in capitate;
       - w/ wrist is flexed depression rolls distally, & capitate slides out from under lunate to create a fullness where depression has been;

- Injury & Treatment:
    - because of capitate's protected position, isolzated injuries are rare;
    - mechanism of injury is dorsiflexion and slight radial deviation;
    - mid axial dorsiflexion forces frx of scaphoid initially, & then distal dorsal rim of radius strikes head of capitate, causing it to frx;
    - treatment requires ORIF of both scaphoid and capitate fractures

Chronic capitolunate instability

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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