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C7 Neurologic Level

- C6-7 Disc Herniation:
    - intervertebral disk herniation between 6th & 7th cervical vertebrae would affect 7th cervical nerve root;
    - impingement on root at this level would most likely cause sensory changes down the posterior aspect of the arm, posterolateral aspect of forearm,
            about dorsum of hand, ring finger, and little finger;
    - this is assoc w/ weakness of wrist flexors, triceps, & pronators;

- C7 Cord Lesion: (care of the spine injured patient)
    - w/ C7 level spinal lesion, only functioning foream & wrist muscles are BR, ECRB /  ECRL , and FCR ;
    - consider transfer of FCR to thumb for opposition;
    - splints for C-7 escape:
           - proximal stability present;
           - loss of grasp;
           - wrist extensor present (power source)
           - use wrist driven flexion hinge;
           - persons may use their own natural tenodesis;
           - prehension pinch is required for activities of daily living, such as personal hygiene and dressing;
           - wrist driven prehension wrist hand orthosis powered by wrist extensor muscles gives a pt with a C7 functional level a functional pinch

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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