Back Pain in the Child

- Diff Dx: 
- Developmental disorders 
- Herniated Disc in the Child
- Osteomyelitis of the Spine
- Tuberculous Spondylitis
- Diskitis 
- Spinal Cord Tumors 
- Primary Bone Tumors 
- eosinophilic granuloma 
- ewing's sarcoma 
- metastatic neuroblastoma 
- Slipped Vertebral Apophysis: 
- Spondylothisthesis 
- Kyphosis 
- Scheuermann's disease is the most common cause of pain in the thoracic and thoracolumbar regions of the back
- Klippel-Feil syndrome: 
- pain is usually due to hypermobility or instability of adjacent vertebral segment or to degenerative osteoarthrosis; 
- Diastematomyelia: 
- frequently associated with a cutaneous malformation overlying defect, is more likely to present w/ neurological abnormalities involving lower extremities, such as unilateral cavus foot or calf atrophy, rather than with back pain

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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