- See: Class II Agents

- Discussion:
    - for HTN; B1 selective;
    - adult dose:
           - initially 50mg PO qd, may increase to 50 mg PO bid;
           - if greater than 50mg qd required must divide the dose;
           - IV: 5-10 mg dose last about 12 hrs (versus 24 hrs PO)
           - w/ acute MI: 5 mg IV over 5 min followed by 5 mg PO 10 min later, then after 10 more min, try 50 mg PO q12 hr x 2;
    - contraindicated with bradycardia, 2nd, 3rd degree heart block, CHF, cardiogenic shock, or hypotension;
    - note that abrupt cesation of atenolol therapy in patients w/ CAD can result in exacerbation of angina;
    - unlike propanolol or metoprolol, tenormin undergoes little hepatic degradation, it is excreted primarily in the kidneys

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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