Arthroscopy of the Shoulder Joint

- See: shoulder joint menu and arthroscopic RCT repair

- Fluid Management:
- Positioning:
      - beach chair position is comfortable for both the patient and the surgeon and allows the option of converting to
               an open procedure (if necessary);
      - patients need to be seated with the torso raised to 70 deg with a foled sheet placed on the medial border of
               affected scapula (to maximize posterior exposure)
      - complications: hypoglossal nerve injury;
      - references:
              - Measurements of brachial plexus strain in arthroscopy of the shoulder.  
              - Hypoglossal nerve palsy after arthroscopy of the shoulder and open operation with the patient in the beach-chair position. A case report. 
              - Avoiding catastrophic complications of stroke and death related to shoulder surgery in the sitting position.
              - Pathomechanisms and Complications Related to Patient Positioning and Anesthesia During Shoulder Arthroscopy
              - A cardiovascular collapse occurred in beach chair position for shoulder arthroscopy under general anesthesia -A case report.

- Portal Placement:
      - posterior portal   
      - anterior portal   
      - lateral portal   

- references:
      - Glenohumeral arthroscopy portals established using an outside-in technique: neurovascular anatomy at risk.
      - The low anterior five-o'clock portal during arthroscopic shoulder surgery performed in the beach-chair position
      - Anatomic Risks of Shoulder Arthroscopy Portals: Anatomic Cadaveric Study of 12 Portals.

- Arthroscopic Techniques: 
    - arthroscopic acromioplasty
    - arthroscopic glenohumeral reconstruction 
    - slap lesions 
    - rotator cuff tears:  - management of massive rotator cuff tears 

   “Put Your ‘Extended’ Finger on the Bleeder”: The Use of Direct Pressure From the Shaver Blade to Achieve Hemostasis

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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