Arthrogram following THR

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- Discussion:
    - most useful for assessment of loosening of acetabular component;
    - for acetabular component, contrast at the cement bone interface in all zones or in zones I and II or II and III may be associated w/
            loosening in 90% of components;
    - if there is a rim of contrast material > 2 mm in any one zone about acetablar component, 95% of components will be loose;
    - for femoral component, 98% are loose, if there is contrast at cement bone interface distal to the intertrochanteric line or beyond the mid 
           point of a long stemmed component;
    - 95% are loose if there is contrast below the intertrochanteric line at the cement prosthesis interface

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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