AO Classification (Muller)

- A: Extra-articular (Transverse)

- B: Unicondylar fracture
       - subdivided into lateral condyle sagittal, and medial condyle saggital and coronal;
       - deforming forces: gastrocnemius
       - of special importance is B III (Coronal or Hoffa fracture), where only soft tissue attachment is the posterior capsule, that behaves 
             like alarge loose fragment in the joint;

- C: Bicondylar Fracture
       - there is shortening & anterior displacement of shaft caused by unrestricted pull of the quadriceps and hamstring muscles along w/
              displacement caused by gastrocnemius, which causes posterior angulation and rotation;
       - described as noncomminuted supracondylar (T or Y), supracondylar frx;
       - w/ type C 3:
              - note that the condylar blade plate may be contraindicated;
              - consider instead a butress plate;
              - need to restore condylar width, hence consider avoiding lag screws, and always consider need for bone graft

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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