Anterior Compartment of the Leg   

- See:
       - Lateral Compartment
       - Deep Posterior Compartment
       - Superficial Posterior Compartment
       - Compartment Syndrome:

- Discussion:
    - anterior compartment of the leg contains tibialis anterior, EDL, EHL, and Peroneus Tertius  muscles;
    - compartment is primarily responsible for dorsiflexion of foot & ankle.
    - loss of dorsiflexion may be due to either neurologic damage or loss of
           functional integrity of the motor tendon unit itself;
    - anterior tibial artery & deep peroneal nerve run deeply just anterior to the interosseous membrane;
            - they may be identified in interval between tibialis anterior & EHL;
    - these muscles are enclosed in a relatively unyielding compartment which makes the anterior compartment at risk for compartment syndrome;
    - near the ankle, tendons of tibialis anterior & EHL & EDL are close to tibia & may be injured by open frx or by callus formation during frx healing;

- Anterior Tibial Compartment Syndrome:
    - complication of open / closed frx;
    - also w/ prolonged excersise and hemorrhage;
    - prolonged ischemia may cause muscle ischemia and myonecrosis;
    - deep Peroneal Nerve may be damage by increased pressure or by decreased blood supply to the nerve

Chronic anterior-compartment syndrome of the leg. Results of treatment by fasciotomy.

Management of chronic exertional anterior compartment syndrome of the lower extremity.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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