Anke Equinus Contracture

- See: Ankle Equinus in CP:

- Discussion:
    - see: role of ankle and subtalar joint in gait:
    - normally, during the transition from foot flat to heel off, the foot dorsiflexes as the body moves forward;
    - as a consequence of equinus contracture, the patient may adopt a toe to toe gait pattern, a toe to heel gait pattern, excessive knee 
           hyperextension, or excessive foot pronation which allows more dorsiflexion to occur at the subtalar joint;

- Diff Dx:
Anterior Ankle Impingement
    - Leg Length Descrepancy:
    - Hyperpronation of the Foot:

- Heel Cord Stretching:
    - in order to properly stretch the Achilles tendon while standing while standing and facing the wall, it is necessary to slightly internally
         rotate the foot and keep the heel flat on the floor during stretch;
         - this ensures that dorsiflexion motion occurs only at ankle joint;
    - care must be take to invert subtalar joint and forefoot before applying dorsiflexion stress; (this locks calcaneus under talus, ensuring that
              dorsiflexion occurs only at the ankle joint rather than dorsiflexion does not occur at the midfoot)

Biomechanics and Orthotics of the Foot in Athletes. Graves SC, Badwey TH, Graves KO. Operative Tech Sports Med. 1994;2(1):2-8.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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