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Open versus Arthroscopic Ankle Arthrodesis: A Comparative Study

Foot Ankle Int. 1999 Jun;20(6):368-374
O’Brien TS, Hart TS, Shereff MJ, Stone J, Johnson J


BACKGROUND: A retrospective review was undertaken for 36 patients who underwent ankle arthrodesis.
METHODS: Nineteen patients underwent an arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis, and 17 patients underwent an open arthrodesis. Only patients with limited angular deformities were suitable candidates for an arthroscopic arthrodesis. The open arthrodesis group inclusion criteria were defined by the maximum coronal and sagittal plane deformity in the arthroscopic group. Perioperative parameters were compared and analyzed.
RESULTS: Arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis yielded comparable fusion rates to open ankle arthrodesis, with significantly less morbidity, shorter operative times, shorter tourniquet times, less blood loss, and shorter hospital stays.
CONCLUSION: Arthroscopic ankle arthrodesis is a valid alternative to traditional open arthrodesis of the ankle for selected patients with ankle arthritis.

Copyright © 1999 (Foot Ankle Int. Jun;20(6):368-374) by the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, Inc., originally published in Foot & Ankle International, and reproduced here with permission.