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Arthrodesis of the Ankle Joint

Acta Orthop Scand. 1963;32:476-484
Jansek K 


            The technique of talotibial arthrodesis via transmalleolar approach and application of the Charnley compression apparatus is described. The results in 25 cases are reported. Primary union was obtained in all but one case, and in this one case the defective healing was apparently due to iatrogenic fracture on the occasion of removal of the compression apparatus.
            The problem of aftercare is discussed, and the great stress to the anchylosed foot is emphasized, it should be minimized by adequate shaping of the shoe. The optimal position of the foot is in the average case neutral alignment with a few degrees of equinus. The particular problem of youngsters with residual epiphyseal plate is also discussed, and epiphyseodesis or a protecting leather bandage during the remaining years of growth is recommended. (Reprinted by permission of Taylor & Francis Ltd.,