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- THR: Polyethylene Component:

    - polyethylene wear:
    - polyethylene insertion:
           - hiwall acetabular liner:
                  - as noted by Cobb, et al (1996), presence of a high wall liner can reduce incidence of dislocation in primary THR from about 3.8% to 2.2%
                  - the beneficial effect is probably higher w/ revision surgery;
                  - paradoxically, the high wall liner may actually increase the incidence of anterior dislocation (due to impingement between femoral neck and the elevated lip of the liner);
                  - also note that the liner position may cause or contribute to psoas tendonitis, if the high wall edge is positioned too superiorly;
           - latealized acetabular liner:
                  - The elevated-rim acetabular liner in total hip arthroplasty: relationship to postoperative dislocation.
                  - Offset acetabular components introduce torsion on the implant and may increase the risk of fixation failure.
                  - Iliopsoas impingement on the acetabular component: radiologic and computed tomography findings of a rare hip prosthesis complication in eight cases.