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- See: antihypertensive agents

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- Young Hypertensive Patient:
    - consider ACE, combined w/ beta-alpha blockers, Ca channel blockers, or alpha blockers are preferred;
    - beta blockers alone are also effective, but reduce CO, impede atheletic performance, impede sexual dysfunction, & may cause depression;

- Elderly Hypertensive Patient: (60 and older)
    - diuretics are often chosen as the initial therapy;
    - ACE and B1selective agents is also good choice;

- Black Hypertensive Patient:
    - characterized by low renin levels hence avoid ACE;
    - consider diuretics alone or in combination with Ca channel blockers;

- Diabetic Hypertensive Patient:
    - consider ACE to be the 1st choice for therapy;
    - Ca channel blockers may adversely affect insulin secretion;
    - diuretics and beta blockers also have problems

A comparison of verapamil and propranolol for the initial treatment of hypertension. Racial differences in response.