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Extraosseous Chondrosarcoma

- Discussion:
    - see chondrosarcoma
    - also known as extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma;
    - it is known also as chordoid sarcoma because of its resemblance to chordoma;
    - accounts for < 2 %  of all soft-tissue sarcomas;
    - tumor usually affects men, in fifth decade of life;
    - tumor frequently arises in deep soft tissues, esp of lower extremity and frequently the foot;
    - pts usually present w/ gradually enlarging mass, with or without pain;
    - prognosis:
           - extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma typically behaves as a low-grade sarcoma;
           - reported five-year survival rate has ranged from 65 to 85 %;

- Radiographs: neoplasm appears as nodular, radiolucent mass;

- Histology:

    - proliferation of ovoid and bipolar cells w/ in prominent myxoid matrix;
    - individual tumor cells are surrounded by lacunar spaces, but formation of well-developed hyaline cartilage is uncommon