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Acumed Bone Graft System

Autogenous bone graft remains the most effective treatment for fracture non unions, pseudoarthroses and for optimizing the success rate of arthrodesis. It is safer and more effective than artificial hydroxyapatite materials or allograft. The Acumed bone graft harvesting instruments facilitates safe, rapid harvest of morsellized autogenous graft through a small skin incision which minimizes the patient's discomfort and morbidity. The device reliably extracts the graft and is used with a drill which affords a greater degree of control, thus preventing inadvertent plunging. The Acumed bone graft system may be used to harvest graft from a variety of locations. While the iliac crest is the most popular site and provides the highest quality graft, harvest from other metaphyseal locations such as the distal radius, proximal ulna or femoral neck and head may be indicated in certain situations. The compact, easy to use system includes four drills which range in size from 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, and 12 mm diameters, either a Hudson adaptor or Jacobs Chuck power fitting, a starting punch, a removal key, and a bone plug extractor.

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