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    Emetic for use in drug overdose and certain cases of poisening; 
Adult: 30 ml PO followed by 200-300 ml water; if no emesis occurs in 20 min, may repeat x 1; 
Peds: 6-12 months: 5-10 ml PO followed by 100 ml of water; if no emesis in 20 min, may repeat x 1; peds 1-12 yrs: 15 ml PO followed by 100-200 ml of water, if no emesis in 20, may repeat x 1; 
Note: do not use for ingestion of Petroleum, strong acid, base, or other corrosive or caustic agents; not for use in comatose, unconscious, CNS depression, depressant over dose; may turn patient around in circles or ambulate for better results;
- Peds: 15 ml/dose (supplied as 30 ml); may repeat x 1