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- Pyschosis, schizophrenia, agitation, sun-downing;
- Adult: mod symptoms: 0.5-2mg PO bid/tid; Severe:3-5mg PO bid/tid, or 1-5 mg IM q4hr or 2.5mg IM may repeat q1hr prn, max dose: 100mg/day;
- Can cause extrapyridimal rxn (Strong), hypotension (Weak), Anticholinergic (Weak); Sedation (Weak);
- reduce dose in elderly;
- Contraindicated w/: CNS depression from any cause, Parkinson's dz;
- Note: Use with caution in patients receiving lithium (increased risk of neurologic toxicity), anticonvulsants (decreased convulsive threshold), anticoagulants (may cause interference), ETOH (additiveCNS effects);
- Use with caution in patients with severe cardiovascular dz (may precipitate angina and hypotension);
- Peds: >12yrs: See Adults; Initially 0.5-1.5 mg/24hr PO; increase by increments of 0.5 mg/24hr to maintenance of 2-4 mg/24hr;
- Tourette's syndrome may require upto maximum of 15 mg/24hr PO