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Liver Function Analysis

- Liver Panel:

      - Alkaline Phosphatase
      - GGT
      - AST/ALT
      - LDH 

      - Liver Failure:
            - add the following:
                  - Thiamine
                  - Vitamin K
                  - D/C medications that are metabolized by the liver:
                           - ativan, oxazepam, and most other sedatives; 
                           - cipro (flouroquinolones) - lidocaine (local anesthetic) - tylenol - theophylline - propanolol; - cimetidine (if necessary
                                    use zantac)
                           - pts who are oliguric, are in renal failure, have severe or chronic liver disease, plus children should probably be treated
                                    initially w/ antacids or carafate rather than H2 blockers 

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