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Bleeding secondary to Platlet Abnormalities

- Evaulation: 
- Patient's Temperature: 
- hypothermia causes platlet dysfunction and increased bleeding time; 
- Treatment 
- platlets (6-8 units at a time); 
- One unit of platlets will increase platlet count by 1000; 
- Check 1hr post Platlet Count; 
- Dilutional Thrombocytopenia; 
- RBC transfusion or IV fluid therapy; 
- Treat with Platlet transfusions as needed; 
- Must transfuse 8 units of platlets for every 10-12 units of pRBCs transfused
- Misc: 
- Von Willebrand's dz: Treat with Cryoprecipitate or DDAVP
- Acquired Platlet dysfunction: w/ Uremia try conjugated estrogens; 
- Note: TTP: Platlet transfusion is Contraindicated 

Review Article: Seminars in Medicine of the Beth Israel Hospital, Boston: Molecular and Cellular Biology of Blood Coagulation.