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- for short term management of of CHF if patient to respond to Digitalis, Diuretics, and vasodilators;
- used for patients w/ severe CHF refractory to diuretics, vasodilators, and conventional inotropic agents.
- potent inotropes and vasodilators;
- amrinone & milrinone decr systemic, pulmonary, & coronary vascular resistance;
- this effect can lead to decreases mean arterial pressure, esp in hypovolemic pt;
- can be used to reduce afterload, but in many situations vasoconstrictors must be used to prevent vascular collapse;
- Adult Dose:
- initially give IV bolus of 0.75 mg/kg over 2-3min. followed by maintainace dose of 5-10ug/kg/min;
- may repeat bolus dose 30min after maintainance infusion if needed;
- not to exceed 10mg/kg/day;
- Misc:
- incompatible with dextrose containing solutions; monitor for fluid and electrolyte changes and renal function during Rx