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- Tricyclics
- for depression, peripheral neuropathy, chronic pain adjunct;
- Adult: begin 50-100mg PO qhs; can increase to 300mg qhs;
- Strong anticholenergic effects, urinary retension, sedation;
- Contraindicated with hypersensitivity, concomitant use of MAO inhibitors, disulfiram, use during acute recovery phase of MI, use of ETOH or other CNS depressants;
- use with caution w/ patients with history of seizures, urinary retention, angle closure glaucoma, increased intraocular pressure, cardiovascular disorders, hyperthyroidism;
- Note Side Effects: Sedation: +++; Insomnia: 0; Anticholinergic Effects: +++; Orthostatic Hypotension: +++; Nausea: 0;
- Also: Erythematous Maculopapular Rash;
- Peds: <12yrs; Initially 50-100 mg PO qhs; can increase to 300 mg qhs