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- Discussion:
    - third generation cephalosporin;
    - adult: 1-2gm IV q12-24hr; t1/2=7.5hr; w/ long half life, allows once a day dosing, and home treatment;
    - peds: 100 mg/kg/day q12 or q24hr;
    - no need to change w/ renal failure;
    - broad spectrum Gm neg and positive organisms;
    - good diffusion from blood into CSF only w/ inflammation;
    - dosing Regimens for Patients with Renal Insufficiency: (Dose for 70kg Adult {gm/dosing interval in hours}):CrCl:>80:1/12-24; CrCl:50-79:1/12-24; CrCl:30-49:1/12-24; CrCl:10-29::1/12-24;
    - after dialysis give 1gm supplemental dose;
    - 43 % of dose will be excreted in urine (w/ nl R F(x))

Penetration of ceftriaxone into the intervertebral disc.