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Pectoralis Major

- Anatomy:
    - clavicular portion:
           - originates off of the medial third of the clavicle and inserts at the lateral lip of the bicipital groove;
    - sternal portion:
           - originates off of the superior 2/3 of the sternum and the manubrium, as well as the superior ribs;
           - inserts into the lateral lip of the bicipital groove;
    - sternal costal portion:
           - originates off the distal edge of the sternum and 5th and 6th ribs;

- Rupture of Pectoralis:
    - ruptures usually occur near insertion into greater tubercle;
    - clinical findings:
           - following rupture of the pectoralis major muscle, pain, deformity, & weakness are nearly always present, & weakness;
           - deformity is minimal when arm is relaxed at the side, but becomes obvious when the muscle contracts;
           - early surgical repair is effective and can usually eliminate symptoms in weightlifters;
    - treatment:
           - subjective ratings were 96% in the acute group, 93% in the chronic group, and only 51% in the nonoperative group;
           - isokinetic testing showed that patients operated on for acute injuries had the highest adduction strength (102% of the opposite side) compared with patients
                      with chronic injuries (94%) or nonoperative treatment (71%)
                      - ref: Rupture of the Pectoralis Major Muscle. Outcome After Repair of Acute and Chronic Injuries 

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