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Historic Operations

- Putti Platt:
    - tightening, & realigning of subscapularis which partially limits external rotation;
    - anterior capsule is also realinged and reenforced;
    - subscapularis is divided 2.5 cm from its insertion;
    - anterior shoulder capsule is opened in same plane as tendon is divided allowing joint to be inspected;
          - some advocate separation of capsule from overlying subscapularis tendon;
    - lateral stump of the tendon is secured to most convenient soft tissue structure along the anterior rim of the glenoid cavity;
    - opposition of lateral stump into anterior soft tissues of medial stump into greater tuberosity is determined so that arm externally rotates to neutral position;

- DuToit Staple Capsulorrhaphy;
    - detached capsule is secured back to the glenoid using staples;
    - use of staples for surgical repairs may be assoc w/ complications;

- Bristow:
    - transfers the tip of the coracoid process with its muscle attachments & creates a musculotendinous sling across the anteroinferior tendon at the front of the glenohumeral joint

The modified Bristow procedure for recurrent dislocation of the shoulder.

A modified Bristow-Helfet-May procedure for recurrent dislocation and subluxation of the shoulder. Report of two hundred and twelve cases.