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Slipped Vertebral Apophysis

- Discussion:
    - slipped vertebral apophysis usually occurs in lower lumbar spine;
    - limbus vertebral frx occur when fusion between vertebral ring apophysis and central cartilage is incomplete or delayed;
           - ring apophysis w/ adjacent disc is displaced into vertebral canal;
    - apophysis remain suseptible to fragmentation in both adolescents and young adults;
    - associated w/ heavy lifting and vigorous physical activities;
    - sciatica is more common in avulsion fracture of the cephalic posterior vertebral body than in the caudal portion;

- Exam:
    - pt typically has signs & symptoms of acute herniated disc;

- X-ray:
    - may show small bone frag (which represents edge of ring apophysis) w/ in spinal canal;
    - limbus vertebral frxs are only rarely diagnosed on plain x-rays;

- CT Scan:
    - dx is is best made w/ imaging studies or with myelography;

- Diff Dx: disc herniation

- Treatment:
    - conservative treatment is usually unsuccessful, & most pts require operative excision of the disc and ring apophysis;
           - simple disc excision is not adequate;
    - posterior vertebral body apophyseal avulsion frxs that cause sciatica should be removed

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