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Post op X-Rays for THR

- See:
- Bone Scans following THR:
- Post Op Evaluation of THR:

- Discussion:
- post op AP & lateral x-rays should include entire length of stem & cement mass;
- femur and cement column are inspected carefully and compared w/ previous films for changes indicating component loosening, stem
failure, trochanteric problems, or infection;

- Radiographic Views:
- Frog Leg Lateral: gives best lateral of prox portion of femoral component;
- Cross Table Lateral:
- for evaluation of position of acetabular component (anteversion) & status of post bone stock in posterior column & neck of ilium;
- Weight bearing and Non Wt bearing Views:
- may detect implant loosening;
- Push Pull Views: to evaluate for loosening of components;
- same as AP view of hip w/ examiner providing distraction and compression to the hip through the femur