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Indications for External Fixation in Pelvic Frx

- Indications:
    - definitive stabilization of frx may be achieved w/ external fixation in certain rotationally unstable but vertically stable injuries;
    - open book frx:
           - external fixation is most applicable to stable "open book" pelvic fractures in which there is intact posterior tension band (APC II & APC III)
    - lateral compression injuries:
           - ex fix is also used for internally rotated injuries (LC injuries);
    - vascular injuries:
           - external fixators to contrl hemorrhage
    - suprapubic catheter:
           - external fixator is also preferred to avoid bacterial contamination of pelvic internal fixation when suprapubic catheter is left in place.
    - open frx:
           - in open pelvic fracture or abdominal injury w/ peritoneal contamination, the use of an external fixator allows control of this fracture pattern and decreases the potential infection rate.