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Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae: – Streptothrix –

 - produces swine erysipelas, surviving on decomposing fish, shell fish, meat
 - the organism penetrates the skin thru a small abrasion or wound and causes infection in fish handlers;
 - suppuration ordinarily does not occur, but the condition is accompanied by lymphangitis, lymphadenitis, swelling, and
           a tense, shiny appearance to the digit;
  - lesion is generally painful and violaceous and spreads peripherally, w/a raised border and central areas of clearing without bullae;
  - bacteremia and septic shock have been reported but are rare.
  - gram-positive rod, is usually not observed on a Gram stain of the drainage material

  - may be isolated by culture or biopsy at advancing edge of the infection
  - penicillin is the agent of choice, I and D are not usually indicated;