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Coleman Block Test

- See: cavovarus deformity

- Discussion:
    - coleman block test evaluates hindfoot flexibility and pronation of forefoot;
    - initial deformity is in the forefoot followed by subsequent changes in the hindfoot;
    - test is performed by placing the patient's foot on wood block, 2.5 to 4 cm thick, with the heel and lateral border of foot on the block and bearing full weight while the first, second, & 3rd metatarsals are allowed to hang freely into plantar flexion and pronation;

- Interpretation:
    - test is based on premise that there is fixed flexion of 1st metatarsal;
    - this test negates effect that forefoot (first metatarsal in plantar flexion) may have on the hindfoot in stance;
    - if heel varus corrects while the patient is standing on the block, hindfoot is considered flexible;
    - if subtalar joint is supple & correct w/ block test, then surgical procedures may be directed to correcting forefoot pronation, which is usually due to plantar flexion of 1st metatarsal;
    - if hindfoot is rigid, then surgical correction of both forefoot & hindfoot are required

Pes cavovarus. Review of a surgical approach using selective soft-tissue procedures.

A simple test for hindfoot flexibility in the cavovarus foot