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Indications for Trochanteric Osteotomy

- Discussion:
    - abductor weakness:
            - to improve abductor function when a femoral component is revised for excessive leg lengthening;
    - acetabular exposure:
            - difficult acetabular reconstructions may require wide exposure afforded by trochanteric osteotomy (DDH, prior acetabular frx, and 
                     revisions w/ substantial loss of bone stock);
            - severe protrusion
                    - on only will trochanteric osteotomy provide better exposure, but it will also allow for proper soft tissue tension as the leg is 
                           restored back to its proper length;
            - conversion of arthrodesis to a total hip arthroplasty;
    - removal of femoral component:
            - if the femoral component has been placed in varus or if there is a large overhanging trochanteric shoulder, then ostetomy is required;
            - sibsidence of femoral component;
                    - when leg length will be increased significantly (as in the case of protrusio or femoral subsidence)