Tidal Volume

(See Compliance/Resp Failure) 
- normal Tidal Volume w/ spontaneous breathing is 5 ml/kg; 
- w/ Ventilator, Initially set at 10-15 cc/kg body wt, in Newborns as well as Adults; 
- adjust as needed w/ ABG; 
- Tidal vol may need to be increased in individuals w/ Resp acidosis despite adequate frequency of ventialation; 
- w/ high pCO2: must increase Minute Vol
- if tidal volume is already at the upper limits of suggested range, or if peak inspiratory pressures are high ( > 60), or if there is prominent chest expansion w/ each breath, one would be inclined to increase rate rather than volume; 
- if rate is already at upper limits of range, or if peak inspiratory pressures are low, and if chest expansion w/ each breath is not marked, TV may be safely increased; 
- w/ Low pCO2: must decrease Minute Vol 
- note: mild respiratory alkalosis is desirable, and usually minute ventilation is not decrease unless pCO2 < 30 mm Hg) - decr min. volume may occur by decr rate or tidal volume. 
- however, a illogical method is by increasing the length of ventilator tubing. (some illogically believe that by decreasing Minute Vol by other methods might decr oxygenation.)

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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