The Hip: Preservation, Replacement and Revision

Stress Fractures of Femoral Neck

- Discussion:
    - stress frx of femoral neck are relatively uncommon injuries, with most reports involving military recruits & athletes who are subjected to increased physical demands;
    - like most stress frx, women are most often affected and it is important to inquire about amenorrhea and occult eating disorders;
           - these patients will also require an osteoporosis work up and quantification of bone density;
    - patients may note groin pain that is made worse with activity and that is relieved with rest;
    - diff dx: AVN and transient osteoporosis;

- Radiographs:
    - initial radiographs are often normal, but even late radiographs may fail to show reactive changes;
    - radiographic evidence of disruption of both cortices or frx widening is indication for prompt internal fixation to prevent displacement;
    - classification of stress frx:
           - stress frxs are classified as either tension or compression frx;
           - compression frxs occur on the inferior aspect of the femoral neck;
                   - look for internal callus at the inferior femoral neck;
           - tension fractures occur on the superior aspect of the femoral neck;
                   - causes a transverse fracture across the femoral neck;
                   - this fracture type is more likely to progress and displace;
- Bone Scan / MRI:
    - bone scan or MRI is necessary to identify the fracture;

- MRI:
    - is an alternative to bone scan and allows an early diagnosis;
    - look for decreased signal intensity on T1 and increased signal on T2; 
    - see NEJM teaching case;

- Nonsurgical Treatment
    - must include frequent serial radiographs to detect any changes in frx pattern or displacement.
    - compression frxs occur on the inferior aspect of the femoral neck;
         - are more stable than tension frxs & generally can be treated w/o surgery if no frx line is present;
    - non operative therapy consists of a period of bed rest followed by protected wt bearing;
    - serial radiographs are manditory;

- Surgical Treatment:
    - fractures of both cortices must undergo immediate internal fixation;
    - tension fractures occur on the superior aspect of the femoral neck;
         - they are potentially unstable & should undergo internal fixation;
    - see technique of cannulated screw insertion;

- Complications:
    - AVN may follow a delay in diagnosis

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Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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