Rotatory Stress Test for Anterior Instability

Carl J. Basamania M.D. 

- Discussion:
- rotatory stress test was developed to reliably test for anterior instability of of the shoulder;

- in most cases, the test will identify a Bankart Lesion, but on occassion the test will pick up a Hagl lesion (avulsion of IGHL); 

- Technique:

- test begins on normal side; 
- w/ the arm supported in the surgeon's axilla, and one hand translates the shoulder anteriorly; 
- the shoulder is then abducted and externally rotated; 
- the shoulder is again translated anteriorly; 
- w/ a normal inferior glenohumeral ligament, anterior translation should decrease markedly


Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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