Management of Tension at Nerve Site Repair

- Discussion:
    - tension at the nerve site repair will lead to poor results;
    - gap of 4 cm can be bridged by local immobilization of the nerve ends;
    - it appears that a gap of 4 cm can be bridged by local immobilization of nerve ends;
    - it appears that a 7 to 9 cm gaps of the median nerve can be bridged by mobilization;
    - ulnar nerve can be mobilized a distance of 13 cm when anterior transposition is added;
    - when mobilizing nerve ends, mobilization of the proximal end is less damaging than distal end w/ respect to scarring of nerve segment

  Experimental stretch neuropathy. Changes in nerve conduction under tension.

  The nerve gap dilemma : a comparison of nerves repaired end to end under tension with nerve grafts in a primate model.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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