- See 
- Captopril - Antihypertensives 
- for HTN, CHF; ACE;
- Adult: w/ Diuretics initially 2.5mg/day PO titrated to BP; 
- Adult w/ no diuretic then intial dose: 0.5mg/day PO titrated to BP; 
- Max dose = 40mg/day divided dose; 
- Injection dose: 0.625 mg to 1.25mg IV q6hr over 5 min; - titrate to effect (SBP) by 0.625 mg increments; 
- when patient is ready for PO form, switch to Captopril (10 times IV dose); 
- Precautions: 
- intital dose may give symptomatic hypotension, esp w/ Diuretics;

- attempt to d/c diuretics 2-3 days before intiating ACE; 
- contraindicated with impaired renal function or renal artery stenosis; 
- d/c if laryngeal edema/angioedema occurrs; 
- may cause cough, and note that the vasotec is preferable to Captopril for patients with collagen vascular dz

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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