Diff dx: Neurogenic joint

- See: Neuropathic Shoulder

    Diabetes mellitus (diabetic charcot foot and ankle)
    Tabes dorsalis
         - Septic Elbow in the Setting of Neuropathic Joint as the Initial Presentation of a Cervical Syrinx
    Tumors of the spinal cord
    Degenerative spinal disease with nerve root compression
    Subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord
    Amyloid neuropathy
    Giantism w/ hypertrophic neuropathy
    Impaired pain sensitivity due to use of:
           intraarticular and systemic steroids
           excessive ETOH
    Congenital insensitivity to pain
    Familial hereditary neuropathies
           Charcot Marie Tooth disease
           Hereditary sensory neuropathy
           Hypertrophic intersitial neuropathy (Dejerine-Scottas disease)
           Familial dysautonomia (Riley day syndrome)
           Familial amyloid neuropathy

Sensory Neuropathy:
    - diabetic neuropathy
    - paraneoplastic sensory neuropathy
    - paraneoplastic mononeuritis multiplex
    - neoplastic neuropathy
    - chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
    - sarcoid neuropathy
    - postinfectious small fiber sensory neuropathy
    - amyloid neuropathy
    - lyme neuropathy
    - HIV neuropathy
    - leprous neuropathy
    - cryoglobulinemic neuropathy (associated with Raynaud's syndrome)
    - Vasculitic neuropathy (Sjögren's syndrome)


A short history of neuropathic arthropathy.

Surgical arthrodesis of the neuropathic foot. A salvage procedure.

Neurogenic arthropathy of the hand and wrist

Ten steps in characterizing and diagnosing patients with peripheral neuropathy

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