Alkaline Phosphatase

- Normal Values: Adult: 45-125 U/L, Child 20-150 U/L;

- Increased:
       - increased calcium deposition in bone
       - hyperparathryroidism
       - pagets disease
       - osteomalacia / rickets: in both cases there is failure of mineralization;
       - caffey's syndrome (infantile cortical hyperostosis)
       - osteoblastic bone tumors (metastatic or osteogenic sarcoma)
             - alk phos level is high in about 1/2 of pts w/ osteosarcoma & in smaller
                     fraction of those w/ another type of primary malignant bone tumor;
       - pregnancy
       - childhood
       - liver dz such as biliary obstruction
       - TPN

- Decreased:
       - malnutrition
       - excess Vit D ingestion;
       - hypophosphatasia

Plasma bone-specific alkaline phosphatase as an indicator of osteoblastic activity.

Correlation of serum alkaline phosphatase activity with the healing process of long bone fractures in dogs.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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