Ortho Oracle - orthopaedic operative atlas

Uncovertebral joints

– Discussion:     – uncovertebral joint arthrosis involves what is known as the joints of Luschka, extending from C3 to C7;     – lateral aspect of vertebral body has superior projection (uncinate process);     – as the disks become degenerative, these projections approximate w/ body of the next highest vertebra;     … Read more

Unilateral Bar

– Discussion:      – unilateral bar is a common disorder and is likely to progress;      – it is caused by failure of segmentation of posterior elements of two or more vertebrae on one side;      – this anomaly carries a predictable poor prognosis & therefore a patient w/ this anomaly should … Read more

Unilateral Facet Dislocation

– See:        – Facet Joint Injuries        – Hyperflexion Injuries        – Oblique projections;        – Pillar View – Discussion:     – simple unilateral facet dislocation is often a stable injury, eventhough there is disruption of the posterior ligament complex (involved             joint capsule, posterior longitudinal ligament, … Read more

Types of Spondylolisthesis

 Type                       Age                          Pathology / Other   Congenital              Child            Congenital dysplasia of S1 superior facet   Isthmic           … Read more

Type 2 Dens Frx

– Discussion:     – most common;     – occur thru base of odontoid process & may be caused by either hyper-flexion or hyperextension forces;     – blood supply is often comprimised in a type 2 frx     – type II frx occurs at base of dens, typically, frx plane is transverse; … Read more

Tumors and Lesions of the Spine and Sacrum

– Primary Spinal Tumors:     – primary spinal cord neoplasia     – primary tumors of vertebral body:            – 75% percent of vertebral body tumors are malignant;            – multiple myeloma (most common primary tumor of spine)            – chordoma   … Read more

Treatment Options for Scoliosis

        (based on classification of King et al)                                                                            assistance provided by Ben Allen Jr. M.D. … Read more