The Hip: Preservation, Replacement and Revision

Wound Management

- Menu:
     - Antibiotic Beads 
     - Antibiotic Prophylaxis 
     - Carrier State
     - Contaminated Wound Care 
     - Debridement of Muscle: (debridement of open tibia fractures); 
     - Decubitus Ulceration
     - Drains and Closure of Wounds
     - Fracture Blisters
     - Gun Shot Wounds 
     - Pressure Irrigation
     - Skin Preparation Agents 
     - Suture
     - STSG 
     - Topical Antimicrobials 
     - Wound Dressings 
     - Wound Bullet
     - Wound Vac 

- Stages of Wound Repair:
    - Injury damages circulation
    - Inflammatory reaction
    - Local hypoxia
           - Hypoxia-enhanced wound-healing function of adipose-derived stem cells: increase in stem cell proliferation and up-regulation of VEGF and bFGF.
           - Wound healing effect of adipose-derived stem cells: a critical role of secretory factors on human dermal fibroblasts.    - Anaerobic metabolism

    - Lactate production
    - Stimulation of fibroblast
    - Vascular ingrowth 


Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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