Type II FDP Avulsion

- Discussion:
    - most common form;
    - distal end is located in the decussation of the FDS
    - small chip of bone is taken off w/ flexor tendon;
    - tendon retracts to level of PIP joint or distal to PIP, & long vincululm may remain intact;
    - a small chip of bone may sometimes be seen on a true lateral x-ray of finger;
    - there is loss of motion at PIP joint, eventhough the superficialis tendon is not injured;
    - vincula remain intact & therefore reinsertion can be performed up to 6 weeks (even 3 mo) if the tendon does not retract proximally;
    - if type II avulsion retracts proximally to the base of digit, then the vinicula will tear and which mandates repair with in  7 days;
    - in this case, tendon end will enlarge to such a size that its impossible to thread the tendon back thru the digital sheath

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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