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DT MedTech Announces Successful Total Ankle Revision Procedures Using The New Hintermann Series H2™ Tibial Assembly Component and PE Inlay.


DT MedTech Announces Successful Total Ankle Revision Procedures Using The New Hintermann Series H2™ Tibial Assembly Component and PE Inlay.

February 14, 2018 (Baltimore, MD) – DT MedTech, LLC (DTM) announced today that their new Hintermann Series H2™ Tibial Assembly component and PE inlay have been successfully implanted by Prof. Beat Hintermann in three patients needing total ankle revision surgery. World-renowned foot and ankle surgeon, Prof. Hintermann, developed the new, versatile, two-component, semi-constrained total ankle replacement prosthesis, Hintermann Series H2™, to be used for primary replacement and revision surgery.*

This most recent revision surgery successfully accommodated the position of the patient's existing anatomy through use of the H2 tibial assembly and PE inlay to convert an unstable, mal-positioned, mobile-bearing tibial component to a semi-constrained prosthesis. According to Prof. Hintermann, the procedure provided stability to the joint with little to no modifications to the existing cuts and anatomy. Postoperatively, patients are able to bear full weigh within the first 24 hours.

Another recent revision procedure resulted in a successful implantation of a functioning H2 ankle to a previously fused ankle due to a mal-alignment from failed arthrodesis surgery. Prof. Hintermann stated, "The new Hintermann Series H2™ is the first customized ankle prosthesis in the marketplace that provides intrinsic stability of the ankle, protecting ligaments and tendons from overload. This reduces pain originating from soft tissue and will provide more stability against translational forces such as walking down the stairs or along uneven ground. Less complications by overloaded periarticular structures, lowers the incidence for future revisions."

DTM's Hintermann Series H2™ sales and distribution in the United States will begin in late March and will be handled directly through its logistics partner, HealthLink Europe International, from its US headquarters in Raleigh, NC, and through specialized and select distributors. Sales and distribution outside of the United States are being handled through HealthLink Europe BV, from its Netherlands location, and other specialized and select distributors.

David Reicher, President and Chief Executive Officer of DTM, stated, "We knew Prof. Hintermann had designed an effective ankle that was versatile and functional when he developed the Hintermann Series H2™ Total Ankle Replacement prosthesis. We are thrilled with the full implantations and revisions we have seen with this exceptional H2 product and are looking forward to its global launch. I believe the Hintermann Series H2™ will be a real game changer within the industry."

For additional DTM information inside the United States, please email info@DTMedTech.com or call Ms. Jeannie Sarda at +1 410-427-0003; outside the United States, please email dt-medtech@healthlinkeurope.com or call +31 73 303 2537.

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Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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