The Basic Types of Spine Frx & their Mechanisms

Type                     Mechanism
Compression             Flexion
    anterior               anterior flexion
    lateral                 lateral flexion
Burst                   Axial load
  A                       axial load           - both end plates
  B                       axial load+flexion   - superior end plate
  C                       axial load+flexion   - inferior end plate
  D                       axial load+rotation   - rotation
  E                       axial load+lat. flex.- lat. wedgin of vert. body
Seat Belt               Flexion Distraction
Fracture Dislocation
  Flexion-Rotation       Flexion-Rotation
  Shear                 Shear (AP or PA)
Flexion Distraction     Flexion Distraction
The Basic Types of Spinal Fractures and the Columns Involved in Each
Type of Fractures   Ant. column       Middle column   Post. column

Compression         Compression       None             None or distraction in
                                                      severe fractures
Burst               Compression       Compression     None or distraction

Seat Belt           None/compress.   Distraction     Distraction

Fx/dislocate         Compression &     Distract & /     Distraction &/or

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.