Safe Zone for Radial Head Frx   

- Safe zone for implant insertion: (from Caputo A)
        - note that the posterolateral portion of the radial head does not articulate with the ulna, and this is termed the safe zone (since hardware
                 placed here will not enter the articulation);
        - zone is approximately 90 deg and lies between a longitudinal line along the radial styloid and a
                 longitudinal line along Lister's tubercle (with the wrist in neutral rotation);
        - safe zone is anterolateral in neutral position and posterolateral in full supination;
        - the cartilage in the non articulating zone tends to be thinner and has a yellowish color;
        - as noted by Soyer AD (1998), application of a 2.0 or 2.7 mm to the lateral aspect of the radial head and neck with
                 the forearm in neutral rotation will not result in hardware impingement;
                 - placement of the plate in the lateral position with the forearm in full pronation will result in loss of the last 30 deg of full supination;
                 - placement of the plate in the lateral position with the forearm in full supination, can result in loss of the last 10 deg of pronation


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Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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