Refereneces for Ankle Fractures

Current Concepts Review. Fractures about the Ankle.

Fractures of the distal part of the fibula with associated disruption of the deltoid ligament. Treatment without repair of the deltoid ligament.

Instability of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis after bimalleolar and trimalleolar ankle fractures.

Examination of the pathologic anatomy of ankle fractures.

Ankle fractures. A clinical and roentgenographic stereophotogrammetric study.

Operative treatment of ankle fracture-dislocations. A follow-up study of 306/321 consecutive cases.

A prospective, randomized study of the management of severe ankle fractures.

Laterally comminuted fracture-dislocation of the ankle.

Posteromedial dislocation of the ankle without fracture.

The relationship between oblique fractures of the medial malleolus and concomitant fractures of the anterolateral aspect of the tibial plafond.

Reconstruction of malunited fractures of the lateral malleolus.

Displaced malleolar fractures associated with spiral fractures of the tibial shaft.

Torsional strength of the ankle in vitro. The supination-external-rotation injury.

Medial external fixation with lateral plate internal fixation in metaphyseal tibia fractures. A report of eight cases associated with severe soft-tissue injury.

Plating of the fibula. Its potential value as an adjunct to external fixation of the tibia.

Changes in tibiofibular relationships due to growth disturbances after ankle fractures in children.

Instability of the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis after bimalleolar and trimalleolar ankle fractures.

Fracture-dislocation of the ankle with posterior entrapment of the fibula behind the tibia.

The key role of the lateral malleolus in displaced fractures of the ankle.

Malunited ankle fractures. The late results of reconstruction.

Late lengthening of the fibula for malaligned ankle fractures.

Anterior ankle dislocation with associated trigonal process fracture.  A case report and literature review.

Experimentally produced ankle fractures in autopsy specimens.

Adhesions of distal tibiofibular syndesmosis. A cause of chronic ankle pain after fracture.

Quantitative criteria for prediction of the results after displaced fracture of the ankle.

An evaluation of surgical and conservative treatment of fractures of the ankle in 200 patients.

Surgical treatment of fracture-dislocations of the ankle joint with biodegradable implants: a prospective randomized study.

Surgical treatment of foot and ankle trauma: use of indirect reduction techniques. 

Plantar flexion injuries of the ankle. An experimental study. 

Results of operative treatment of displaced external rotation-abduction fractures of the ankle.

Vertical shear fractures of the medial malleolus: a biomechanical study of five internal fixation techniques.

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