Pediatric BKA

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      - Below Knee Amputation:
      - BKA prosthetics
      - Pediatric Amputation

- Discussion:
   - Anterior bowing assoc. w/ posterior tilting of epiphyseal plate;
   - Varus type of bowing with distal element pointing medially;
   - Fibula will usually out grow tibia, which may result in:
         - formation of bursa overlying fibula;
         - prominent spicule of bone projecting beneath skin, which may on occiassion perforate skin & become surrounded by granulomas

      - Overgrowth -          - Biologic Capping: -                  

Stump overgrowth in juvenile amputees.   E Abraham et al.  J. Pediatric Orthop. Vol 6. 1986. p 66-71.

A study of stump growth in children with below-knee amputations.

Effect of Amputation Level on Energy Expenditure During Overground Walking by Children with an Amputation

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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