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Lumbar Spine Online Textbook - Contents

Section 2: Basic Science

Section Editor: Howard An

Section 3: Biomechanics

Section Editor: Avinash Patwardhan

  • Chapter 1: Methods of Laboratory Assessment by Bob Havey
  • Chapter 2: Biomechanics of Lumbar Spine by Achim Wilke
  • Chapter 3: Biomechanics of Fusion Instrumentation by Neil Crawford and Vijay Goel
  • Chapter 4: Biomechanics of Deformity Correction by Brian Cunningham
  • Chapter 5: Biomechanical Implications of Osteoporosis by ...
  • Chapter 6: Biomechanics of Lumbar Orthoses by Thomas Gavin and Kevin Meade
  • Chapter 7: Etiology and Risk Factors for Adjacent Segment Pathology by William Sears
  • Chapter 8: Biomechanics of Motion Preservation Technologies by Peter McCoombe, Ashish Diwan, and Achim Wilke
  • Chapter 9: Standing Balance by LeHeuc and Avinash G. Patwardhan

Section 4: Epidemiology

Section Editor: Brook I. Martin

  • Chapter 1: Best Practices for Conducting, Reporting, and Reviewing Research Using Claims by Brook I. Martin
  • Chapter 2: Capturing Patient-Reported Outcomes by Jon Lurie
  • Chapter 3: Surgical Invasiveness Index by Kevin McGuire and Brian Hollenbeck
  • Chapter 4: Dartmouth Atlas Rates and Trends by Kimon Bekalis and Jon Skinner
  • Chapter 5: Applying Guideline Concordant Care to Spine Surgery by Farrokh Farrokhi and colleagues
  • Chapter 6: Measuring Surgical Safety by Hardeep Singh and Grauer
  • Chapter 7: Measuring Policy Effects in Spine by Carey
  • Chapter 8: Methods of Observational Data by Tor Devin Tosteson
  • Chapter 9: Worker’s Compensation and Spine Surgery by Joshua T. Anderseon

Section 5: Outcomes Measurement

Section Editor: Jeremy Fairbank

  • Chapter 1: Introduction by all
  • Chapter 2: Condition-specific Measures by Jeremy Fairbank, A. Chiarotto, Achim Elfering, Anne Mannion, Joan Bago, and
  • Chapter 3: Computer Adaptive Testing by Darrel Brodke
  • Chapter 4: Generic Outcome Measures-Health Related Quality of Life by Peter Fritzell and
  • Chapter 5: Psychometric/Measurement Properties of Instruments by C.B. Terwee
  • Chapter 6: Indices of “Treatment Success” Based on PROMs by Anne Copay, Miranda van Hooff, Tamas Fekete, Anne Mannion, and
  • Chapter 7: Collateral Outcomes by Robert Hart
  • Chapter 8: ICHOM Initiative by Carter Clement
  • Chapter 9: Health Economics by...
  • Chapter 10: Conflict of Interest and Its Impact on Reported Outcomes by Eugene Carragee

Section 6: International Perspectives on Spine Care

Section Editors: Margareta C. Nordin and Eric Hurwitz

  • Chapter 1: World Spine Care A Charity Providing Spine Care in Botswana, Dominican Republic, India and Ghana by Scott Haldeman et al.
  • Chapter 2: Building a Spine Care Teaching Hospital in Coimbatore, India by Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran et al.
  • Chapter 3: Establishing a Spine Center in Ankara, Turkey by Emre Acaroglu et al.
  • Chapter 4: Scoliosis Treatment in Underserved Countries in South America by Tony Rinella, G.M. Mundis, et al.
  • Chapter 5: The Educational Need for Sub-Sahara Spine Surgeons by Tiro Mmopelwa et al.

Section 7: Educational Approach

Section Editor: Paul Anderson

  • Chapter 1: How to Adopt and Acquire Skills for New Technology by Paul Anderson
  • Chapter 2: Use of Simulation in Spine Surgery by Jim Harrop
  • Chapter 3: Spine Education Worldwide by Luiz Vaille
  • Chapter 4: Deep Learning of Technical Skills by David Hanscom
  • Chapter 5: Training Difference between Orthopaedic and Neurosurgery by Alan Daniels
  • Chapter 6: Competency Based Surgeon Training by...

Section 8: Metabolic/Inflammatory Conditions

Section Editor: Christopher Ames

  • Chapter 1: Rheumatoid Arthritis by Tamir Ailon
  • Chapter 2: Ankylosing Spondylitis by Christopher Ames and Joseph Osorio
  • Chapter 3: DISH by Vedat Deviren
  • Chapter 4: Paget’s by Sigurd Berven
  • Chapter 5: Update on Medical Evaluation and Treatment of Inflammatory Bone Disease by Vedat Deviren
  • Chapter 6: Osteoporosis: Diagnosis, Treatment and Preoperative Bone Optimization by Corinna Zygourakis, Darryl Lau, and Christopher Ames

Section 9: Lumbar Spinal Deformity

Section Editor: Michael Kelly

  • Chapter 1: Preoperative Evaluation and Optimization by Stu Hershman, Sethi, and Lou Jenis
  • Chapter 2: Radiographic Analysis of Adult Spinal Deformity by Themi Protopsaltis
  • Chapter 3: Adult Symptomatic Lumbar Scoliosis: Indications and Outcomes by Serena Hu
  • Chapter 4: Adult Thoracic Kyphosis by Schwab
  • Chapter 5: Adult Neuromuscular Scoliosis by K. Cheung
  • Chapter 6: High-grade Spondylolisthesis by Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran
  • Chapter 7: Anterior Lumbar and Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion by F. Phillips
  • Chapter 8: Open Posterior Techniques in Adult Spinal Deformity by Fogelson and Nassr
  • Chapter 9: Three Column Osteotomies for Rigid Spinal Deformities by Jain, Lenke, and Robert Hart
  • Chapter 10: Sacropelvic Fixation in Adult Spinal Deformity by Neuman and Kebaish
  • Chapter 11: Minimally Invasive Approaches to Adult Spinal Deformity by G.M. Mundis
  • Chapter 12: Neurological Monitoring in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery by Theologis and Michael Kelly
  • Chapter 13: Complications in Adult Spinal Deformity by Klineberg and Robert Hart
  • Chapter 14: Proximal Junctional Kyphosis by Feuchtbaum and H.J. Kim

Section 10: Non-operative Spine Care

Section Editor: Elaine Buchanan

Section 11: Surgery Principles

Section Editor: Teija Lund

  • Chapter 1: Preparation for Surgery by Serena Hu and Sigurd Berven
  • Chapter 2: Surgical Approaches to the Thoracolumbar Spine by S. Boriani and Z. Gokazlan
  • Chapter 3: Posterior Approaches to the Lumbar Spine by M. Arts and Vedat Deviren
  • Chapter 4: Anterior Approaches to the Lumbar Spine by M. Mayer and B. Freeman
  • Chapter 5: Lateral Approaches to the Lumbar Spine by FP Girardi and R. Delamarter
  • Chapter 6: Biology of Spine Fusion by Ashish Diwan and Helena Brisby
  • Chapter 7: Bone Graft Substitutes in Spine Surgery by Hee-Kit Wong and A. Ghanayem
  • Chapter 8: Pedicle Screw Fixation and Design by HJ Wilke, Helton Defino, and Galbusera
  • Chapter 9: Translaminar Facet Screw Fixation by D. Grob and J. Naresh-Babu
  • Chapter 10: Posterior Motion-preserving Fixation by Avinash G. Patwardhan and Ulrich Berlemann
  • Chapter 11: Interbody Cages by T. Oxland, Todd Albert, and A. Hilibrand
  • Chapter 12: Management of Iatrogenic Dural Tears by F.R. Cammisa and Christopher Ames
  • Chapter 13: Spinal Navigation by D. Schlenzka and Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran

Section 12: Lumbar Disc Regeneration

Section Editor: Robert Gunzburg

  • Chapter 1: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Non-operative Treatment of Lumbar Disc Degeneration by John Gaughan
  • Chapter 2: Psychosocial Factors and Effects on Low Back Pain Management by Joao Liuz Pinheiro Franco
  • Chapter 3: Pain Management Procedures by Naresh Kumar, Shashidhar Kantharajanna, and Hee-Kit Wong
  • Chapter 4: Fusion for Disc Degeneration by Larry Koo, Lee, Loeb, and Emmanuel
  • Chapter 5: Motion Preservation for Lumbar Disc Degeneration by Prasanna Venkatesh, Catherine Moran, and Cirian Bolger

Section 13: Lumbar Disc Herniation

Section Editor: Robert Gunzburg

  • Chapter 1: Disc Herniation: Epidemiology, Definitions, Types by Thomas Kishen
  • Chapter 2: Disc Herniation: Pathophysiology/etiology by Nadeen O. Chahine
  • Chapter 3: Disc Herniation: Natural History and Non-operative Treatments by Amit Bhargav
  • Chapter 4: Disc Herniation: Surgical Discectomy by Jay Zampini, James Kang, and Martin Knight
  • Chapter 5: Anti-adhesives: Their Role and Future by Andrei Manolescu
  • Chapter 6: Failed Discectomy: Non-Surgical and Surgical Management by Kimani White and Ashish Diwan

Section 14: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Section Editor: Robert Gunzburg

  • Chapter 1: Classification, Natural History, and Clinical Evaluation by M. Battie, S. Konno, and A. Haig
  • Chapter 2: Imaging of Spinal Stenosis by T. Barz and C. Schizas
  • Chapter 3: Non-operative Treatment by O. Airaksinen and C. Tomkins-Lane
  • Chapter 4: Surgical Indication, Techniques, and Outcomes by E. Munting, W. Peul, W. Abdu, Y. Kawaguchi, and H. Nakamura

Section 16: Non-degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Section Editor: Hubert Labelle

  • Chapter 1: Epidemiology, Natural History, Classification by Hubert Labelle et al.
  • Chapter 2: Clinical Presentation and Physical Examination by Stefan Parent
  • Chapter 3: Diagnostic Methods by Jean-Marc Mac-Thiong
  • Chapter 4: Nonsurgical Treatment and Management of the Athlete with Pars Fracture by Marie-Lyne Nault, Mathilde Hupin
  • Chapter 5: Surgery for Spondylolisthesis by Stefan Parent, Hubert Labelle, and Jean-Marc Mac-Thiong
  • Chapter 6: Complications by Stefan Parent, Hubert Labelle, and Jean-Marc Mac-Thiong

Section 17: Trauma

Section Editor: Robert Gunzburg

  • Chapter 1: Classification of Thoracolumbar and Lumbar Traumatic Fractures by Schnake et al.
  • Chapter 2: Classification of Thoracolumbar and Lumbar Osteoporotic Fractures by Schnake et al.
  • Chapter 3: Conservative Treatment of Fractures by Jens Castein and Kandziora
  • Chapter 4: Surgical Treatment of Fractures: Posterior Stabilization by Sebastian Decker and Muller
  • Chapter 5: Surgical Treatment of Fractures: Anterior Treatment and Reconstruction by Timo Stubig, Grevitt, and Mueller
  • Chapter 6: Treatment of Osteoporotic Fractures: Cement Augmentation by Ulrich Berlemann et al.
  • Chapter 7: Posttraumatic Changes of the Disc and Endplate by Haschtmann et al.
  • Chapter 8: Sports Injuries of the Thoracolumbar and Lumbar Spine Inselspital by Christoph Albers and Lorin Benneker
  • Chapter 9: Gunshot Injuries to the Lumbar Spine by Botha and Dunn

Section 19: Infections

Section Editor: Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran

  • Chapter 1: The Fundamentals of Spinal Infections by Harold I. Salmons IV, Jeffrey Ta, Hamadi Murphy, Arjun Sebastian, Kris Radcliff and Alex Vaccaro
  • Chapter 2: Diagnostic Tests in Spinal Infections by Dilip Sengupta
  • Chapter 3: Pyogenic Spondylodiscitis by Ashish Diwan and Jose Umali
  • Chapter 4: Tuberculosis Spondylitis by Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran
  • Chapter 5: Postoperative Spondylodiscitis by Christopher Bono and Kenneth Nwosu
  • Chapter 6: Peri-implant Infections by HK Wong, Hee Weng Dennis Hey
  • Chapter 7: Infections in Special Situations by Stelios Koutsoumbelis and Todd Albert

Section 20: Tumors

Section Editor: Norio Kawahara

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