Grayson's Ligament 

- Discussion:
    - Grayson's & Cleland's ligament hold skin in position during flexion and extension of the finger;
    - Grayson's ligaments are thin and go from tendon sheath to the skin, and to some extent protect the nervovascular bundle (prevent bow stringing of the N/V bundle during flexion);
    - they are frequently dz'ed in Dupuytren's contracture;

- Anatomy:
    - extends from volar periosteum and tendon sheath to the lateral digital sheet as well as the overlying skin;
    - origin:      volar aspect of the flexor tendon sheath;
    - course:      volar to the neurovascular bundle;
    - insertion:   skin
    - function:
        - holds neurovascular bundle in place, preventing bowstringing when finger is flexed

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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