Blood Supply to Talus

- Discussion:
    - body of talus is furnished w/ blood vessels from inferior talar surface in sinus tarsi and from talar neck;
    - non displaced fractures of talar neck disrupt intraosseous branches of tarsal sinus and tarsal canal, but major vascular sling remains intact;
    - w/ displaced fractures of talar neck, branches from dorsalis pedis artery to talar neck, artery to tarsal canal & artery to tarsal sinus (major arterial supply to talus) are ruptured;
    - dorsalis pedis artery:
           - most blood supplied to the head and neck of the talus arises from the dorsalis pedis artery;
           - anastomosis within sinus tarsi & tarsal canal form major blood supply to the talar head;
    - artery of the sinus tarsi:
         - the sinus tarsi and sinus canal anastomosis lies beneath the talar neck;
         - peroneal artery
              - from peroneal artery comes branches to posterior process & branch to form artery of sinus tarsi;
         - dorsalis pedis artery
              - supplies branches to dorsal talar neck & branch to form artery of sinus tarsi;
    - artery of sinus canal:
              - branch of posterior tibial forms anastomotic sling inferior to talus from which branches arise to enter talar neck;
              - deltoid branches usually arise from the artery of the tarsal canal & supply the medial third of the body;
              - main artery supplying blood to the body of the talus is the artery of the tarsal canal

The extra-osseous and intra-ossoeus blood supply of the talus.

Blood supply of the talus.

The arterial anatomy of the talus.

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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