AP View of the Wrist

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       - PA View
       - Radial Inclination
- Discussion:
      - AP has the dorsum of the hand touching the film, with the x-ray beam passing palmar to dorsal, whereas in a PA film, the palmar surface lies flat on the film and the x-ray beam passes from the dorsal to palmar surface;
      - palmar surfaces of most carpal bones are narrower, and therefore are best seen w/ an AP projection because of the alignment of the peri-articular cortices with the diverging incident x-ray beam;
      - position of the ulnar styloid will determine which way film was taken;
              - in standard PA view, the ulnar styloid is peripheral;
              - in the standard AP position, the ulnar styloid points centrally

Original Text by Clifford R. Wheeless, III, MD.

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